GAME | Share a queer coffee [MV]
PRINT-AND-PLAY | Steampunk-inspired boardgame
GAME | Self-reflective experience [Twine]
GAME | Interactive narrative about sexuality [JS]
GAME | Incremental, with narrative [JS]
GAME | Silly dress-up elephant game [CS2]
EXPERIENCE | Receive oracle card readings [Twine]
EXPERIMENT | Tiny world made for LD38 [GM]
GAME OBJECT | You're allowed to touch it.
GAME | Decorate with seaweed and stones [GM]
GAME | Feed some fishies and let them love you [GM]
BOT | Encouraging you to look after yourself
GAME | Short interactive narrative [Twine]
EXPERIMENT | Atmosphere test [GM]
EXPERIMENT | Atmosphere test [GM]
EXPERIMENT | This is exactly what trying to work feels like [GM]
EXPERIMENT | What potential does this page hold? [GM]
EXPERIMENT | First Unity project [Unity]
EXPERIMENT | Short experience for LD34 [Unity]
EXPERIMENT | Explore a voxel island [Unity]

Horned Llama Studio

An incremental game about saving wizlets from a dangerous home.
A text-based adventure about identity and trust, set aboard a spacecraft.

SGD Student Games

Play through a day in the life of a homeless woman who gets her period on the day of a job interview.
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